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Tax questions and filings

We help you with this recurring and difficult yearly topic. Take care of your business and we will cover your yearly filings and will help you to optimize your tax burden.

In the area of tax strategy we offer wide knowledge in respect to Swiss and international tax questions. We are in position to formulate right and tax efficient strategy and make sure that the short term and long term plans kick in.

Through our network of partner consultancies with leading Swiss and international tax experts we are in position to provide second opinion for you tax issues.


Couple of tips:

Change your residency

You might be taxes only in canton, where you have been living on 31.12. Let us check your personal situation.


If you are recieving higher dividens, change in canton might of big advantage for your tax bill.

Pension funds and retirement savings

In most of the cantons you can make extra contributions to your pension funds that are tax free. Same is for 3a accounts.

Real estate maintenance

Renovations are tax deductable in most of the cantons. Difference is to be made between investment and maintenance, there are firm rules that one neds to aply. You can let up to 45 % of the renovation cost to be financed by the tax office. Some of the cantons do not allow this practise in first 5 years after acquiring the real estate.


Interest paid saves money, this rule continues to be valid, until changed.